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t of CO2


Protesting for better climate action and saving CO2 at the same time: That was the Climate Bet 2021. A big thank you to everyone who took part and expressed with us: The 1.5 degree target can still be achieved - together.

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Walk the talk

When it comes to fighting climate change, time is running out. The World Climate Conference in Glasgow is our last chance to bring the world onto the 1.5 degree path and thus contain the climate crisis. However, instead of acting now, we only tend to talk about distant objectives: 2030, 2040, 2050. Germany, for instance, will have used up its globally acceptable CO2 budget as early as 2024 if no further measures are taken. It is crucial to finally implement climate action measures today in such a way that the Paris target will also be achieved tomorrow. This message was at the heart of the Climate Bet!

Note: The numbers on the map do not include the group participants and those who did not place a pin.

The Climate Bet

We have won over 12,593 people who not only demand global responsibility for better climate action by the time of the World Climate Conference in Glasgow in 2021, but will combine it credibly and in solidarity with their own actions. They have collectively saved 20,072 tons of CO2.

Save more CO2

* One ton of CO2 roughly corresponds to the emissions of a 5,000 km car journey. The average German citizen, for instance, emits 11 tons of CO2 emissions per year.



Take part in the CLIMATE BET and save the next ton of carbon emissions with your donation!

  • 1 ton CO2
    = 25 Euros
  • 2 tons CO2
    = 50 Euros
  • 3 tons CO2
    = 75 Euros
  • 1 t
  • 2 t
  • 3 t

1 ton of CO2 - is that enough?

Is a donation to save one ton of CO2 already enough? No, of course it is not but that’s exactly what this is all about. We have to do what is possible today to achieve the seemingly impossible tomorrow, namely to stop the temperature increase at 1.5 degrees Celsius. Together, we can do more than just protesting on the streets. We can already save the next ton of CO2 in our own everyday lives, thereby making climate activism for consistent climate action!

With your help, we also contribute to more climate justice. Your donation supports people who are disproportionally suffering from the climate crisis, from droughts, and poverty. Your contribution helps to improve their social situation and to protect the climate at the same time. Make sure you check out our encouraging projects!

Spread the word

Climate neutrality is the big goal. But you can already live climate-neutrally today. 3 for the climate  (association of this campaign) shows you how. And if you convince two people in one week, who in turn convince two people and so on, in 20 weeks a million people will be living climate-neutrally!

Let's do it!

Backed by our patron

"We need such initiatives. Initiatives that encourage us and make us act. After all, we all need to do more to protect the climate: The international community, Germany, as well as companies and citizens.”

(Prof. Dirk Messner, Federal Environment Agency)


Our ambassadors

Janine Steeger

Environmentalist, journalist, moderator, book author

My reason for participating:

Eckart von Hirschhausen

Doctor, science journalist, founder of the Healthy Earth - Healthy People Foundation

My reason for participating:

Dr. Claudia Kemfert

Energy economist, professor, head of the department "Energy, Transport, Environment" at DIW

My reason for participating:

Sarah Wiener

Cook, Member of the European Parliament, Founder of the Sarah Wiener Foundation

My reason for participating:

Johannes Remmel

NRW Environment Minister (ret.), MDL, Spokesperson for Urban Development and European Policy of the Green Party in the NRW State Parliament

My reason for participating:

Katja Dörner

Lord Mayor of Bonn, politician Bündnis 90/Die Grünen

My reason for participating:

Rainer Baake

Former State Secretary, Director of the Climate Neutrality Foundation

My reason for participating:

Jutta Paulus

Member of the European Parliament and pharmacist

My reason for participating:

Cordula Weimann

Chairwoman Omas for Future

My reason for participating:

Sven Plöger


My reason for participating:

Dr. Sigrid Nikutta

Member of the Executive Board Freight Transport Deutsche Bahn AG

My reason for participating:

The Climate Bet is an unconventional and creative way to demonstrate that we need more and faster climate protection. Everyone is called upon and contributes to its success. I particularly like the fact that every participation benefits the climate and people in the global south in real terms. That's why I'm joining in.

We are on the verge of losing everything, which is why we need original actions like the Climate Bet. A bet where there are only winners. Our health, our planet, our future. Healthy people only exist on a healthy planet. Wanna bet?

We are at the beginning of a new era, a climate action era. Every company, every club, every school, every neighbourhood and every Climate Bet is the nucleus of a climate-friendly world. Every contribution counts. Mondays for Future. The time for real change is here. That's why I'm also taking part in the Climate Bet!

I bet that together we can all save CO2  and other harmful emissions, help socially disadvantaged people to a better standard of living and protect the resources on our planet - if only we want to. The Climate Bet would be a possible step towards a liveable future.

The Climate Bet shows that we need to take action as a community to address climate change.

I think the Climate Bet is a great initiative. We urgently need to do much more to combat the climate crisis. In Bonn, for example, we had the hottest night ever recorded here. We have now had three extreme summers of drought, which shows us on the ground how urgent and important it is to finally implement effective climate protection. And initiatives like the Climate Bet are of course great, because they mobilise people and want to trigger a kind of snowball effect. And I also believe that they can trigger it.


Climate neutrality means that everyone must participate in climate protection. Politics, business and each and every one of us. There is a lot of support for this among the population. The Climate Bet is a great initiative to show this!

We still have the chance to slow down the climate crisis and the extinction of species and to bequeath a livable Earth to future generations. Let's do it! If we want to save our planet and our livelihoods, we must make every effort.

Our children and grandchildren need us now. The Climate Bet not only gives us the opportunity to playfully protect our planet, but also shows how everyone can actively protect the climate in their own everyday lives - out of love for life, for nature and for all the children of this world.

Perhaps we simply lack the incentive. And you have to create your own incentives. There is something really great - the Climate Bet. Let's make a bet! Let's bet that 1 million people in Germany will manage to prevent 1 million tons of CO2 emissions - that is, 1 ton each. If we win this bet, we will bring the results to the political decision makers on November 1st at the climate conference in Glasgow. Simply to set an example, to show the willingness for real change in climate protection and climate justice. [Foto: Sebastian Knoth]

Those who rely on the freight train automatically consume 80% less CO2 for the transport of their goods and merchandise than by truck. We can only achieve our climate goals in Germany if we transfer significantly more freight from road to rail. To give these goals more weight, I am joining the Climate Bet.

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