That you are curious who we are!


With the CLIMATE BET we wanted to show: We are taking the first step ourselves. Let's do it. Together! In order to be able to launch the CLIMATE BET at all, we concretized our idea and awakened our fire in others as well. 

BACKING: The patron

"We need such initiatives. Initiatives that encourage us and make us act. After all, we all need to do more to protect the climate. The international community, Germany, as well as companies and citizens.”

(Prof. Dirk Messner, Federal Environment Agency)

Prof. Dirk Messner

President of the Federal Environment Agency

LEAD & ORGANISATION: 3 Fürs Klima e.V. (3 for climate)

In February 2020, we founded the association "3 fürs Klima". We do not want to wait until 2050. We can already act, today, now. We want to be ahead of politics when it comes to achieving the Paris agreement and that’s exactly what we are doing. We are climate neutral. Three steps help us get there: improve your own carbon footprint, compensate for the rest and increase your personal handprint, i.e. your social impact (e.g., using the CLIMATE BET). Let's do it!

Dr. Michael Bilharz

Spokesman of the Board
3 Fürs Klima e.V.


Sandrine Hinrichs

Spokeswoman of the Board
3 Fürs Klima e.V.

Chiara Brendel

Member of the Board
3 Fürs Klima e.V.

Cathérine Lehmann

Member of the Board
3 Fürs Klima e.V.

Andrea Kostrowski

Head of Campaign of the Climate Bet
3 Fürs Klima e.V.

Jacqueline Finke

Communications expert

Stella Pfund

Board member
3 fürs Klima e.V.

Sandra Gronau

Corporate Communication

Marlene Merchert

PR & Communication Expert

Jannik Reis

Intern & Concept Developer

Pauline Klimpel

Supporting Communication Designer


The Think & Action Lab FindingSustainia is a project of Think Tank 30 of the German Association Club of Rome. The founders Santa and Anna are part of the CLIMATE BET. FindingSustainia started organising challenges around the topic of sustainability in 2014. Santa and Anna "Meyer & Meyer" not only reported on their own experiments but also interviewed and questioned experts about the background and practical implementation possibilities. In 2017, they won the GLS Blog Award for the best German sustainability blog.

Santa Meyer Nandi

Foundress Finding Sustania

Anna Katharina Meyer

Think Tank 30 of the Club of Rome Germany


The advisory board of the THE CLIMATE BET has advised us and ensured that we use our funds sparingly and in a way that serves the objective of the bet. The donations are deposited in a fiduciary account, which can only be used with the approval of the advisory board of CLIMATE BET. The donations are forwarded directly to the providers of the selected climate protection projects, less a maximum of 10% for the financing of the CLIMATE BET and external costs such as booking fees.

Prof. Dr. Christian Thorun

ConPolicy - Institute for Consumer Policy


Marieluise Hoppenbrock

Senate administration


Prof. Dr. Rainer Grießhammer

University of Freiburg

Dagmar Bottenbruch

DC&F Capital Partners

Gabriele C. Klug

Vice-Chairwoman, Executive Board of Grüner Wirtschaftsdialog e.V.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. Christian Berg

a.o. German Society Club of Rome


Wolfgang Brückner

Managing Director Carbonbay GmbH & Co.KG


Our bet sponsors made the bet possible in the first place. We have asked related parties for a loan as starting capital for the CLIMATE BET. These people said: "Let’s do it!" and became bet patrons. They gave us the necessary financial leeway and motivate us to go on. We thank our sponsors for their commitment and trust.


Sebastian Metzger

co2online gGmbh,


Prof. Dr. Monika Eigenstetter

Lower Rhine University A.U.G.E Institute


Sabine Sobola

Paluka Sobola Loibl & Partner Attorneys at Law mbB,


Team Klima-Kollekte

Kirchlicher Kompensationsfonds gGmbH,


Anna Fuchs-Mertens & Ralf-Peter Fuchs

Church musician, Superintendent


Johannes Bilharz

Munich tree climbing school, Freeworker


Dr. Regina Schwegler

Environmental economist at Infras


Dr. Constanze Adolf

Lumenion  GmbH,


Prof. Dr. Ingela Tietze

INEC - Institute for Industrial Ecology University Pforzheim

Prof. Dr. Franz Dietrich

Paris School of Economics & CNRS/Centre d’Economie de la Sorbonne

Georg Schürmann

Managing Director Triodos Bank N.V. Germany

Frankfurt a. M.

Dr. Odette Deuber

DO Climate GmbH,


Team Fairventures

fairventures worldwide,



Team "Myclimate"

myclimate Germany gGmbH,


Nils Müller

Board of Directors Greenpeace Energy eG


Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. Franz Josef Radermacher

Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing (FAW/n)


Team C.Gerhardt

C. Gerhardt GmbH & Co. KG,


Sebastian Sladek

EWS Elektrizitätswerke Schönau eG,

Schönau im Schwarzwald

Stephan Schunkert

KlimAktiv gGmbH,


Prof. Dr. Florian Schindler

Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Bettina Schuler-Kargoll

Managing director Schuler Rohstoff GmbH


Ulrich Lenz

Executive board OSTWIND AG,


Gisela Wendling-Lenz

Executive board OSTWIND AG,


RENAC - Team

The Renewables Academy AG,


Jörg Ortjohann

Board of Directors of the Foundation Energieeffizienz,


Dr. Werner Zittel

Board of Directors Ludwig-Bölkow-Foundation,


COMMUNICATIONS: tippingpoints

The agency that ensures the success of our communication: tippingpoints. Tipping points are decisive moments when developments take new paths. Since 2012, tippingpoints has been finding these turning points to motivate people to act sustainably. "We understand sustainability. We understand the complexity of biodiversity, environmental and climate protection, or the decarbonisation of mobility. And we implement them ourselves. We go to work by bike, we use the train instead of a car, and we are always happy about Fairtrade coffee, which keeps us awake for more good ideas".

Michael Adler

Managing Director tippingpoints

Alina Plein

Project Manager, Graphic Designer

Konstantin Purschke

Project Manager, Concept Developer


Web developers since 2000 with a focus on climate protection, sustainability, and the mobility transition. Note: It’s pure coincidence that zwo3 uses Typo3 when working for “3 fürs Klima”.

Gregor Agnes

Car-free Web Developer

Markus Cousin

Car-free Web Developer


SPREAD THE WORD: Cooperation partners

Many people and organisations have been campaigning for better climate action for many years, even for decades. We ask them whether they want to support us by spreading the CLIMATE BET and, thus, by creating a network for even more effective climate action. In order to send a strong political message to the negotiating states in Glasgow, the following organisations have already replied and supported us: "Let's do it!”.


Allianz für Klima und Entwicklung

Parents for Future Germany

Omas for future


Engagement Global gGmbH

Teachers for Future

Schools For Future

Breaks for Future

Klimaschutzstiftung Baden-Württemberg

Bürgerstiftung Lebensraum Aachen

Eine Welt Forum Aachen

Regionale Resilienz Aachen

Runder Tisch Klimanotstand Aachen

Scientists for Future Aachen

CO₂ Compass

Citizens' initiative Luisenhöfe Aachen

Klimaentscheid Aachen

FahrRad in Aachen

Wanderbaumallee Aachen

VCD Aachen-Düren

Sustainable Data Platform


BNW Bundesverband Nachhaltige Wirtschaft e.V.

Bund der Deutschen Katholischen Jugend Würzburg

Die Baumwächter vom Park Carstanjen in Bonn Plittersdorf

dasselbe in grün

Changing Cities e.V.

Klimaneustrart Berlin

Klimaaktionsbündnis Freiburg e.V.

Leben im Einklang mit der Natur e.V.


Klima-Pakt Karlsruhe

Netzwerk Klimaherbst e.V.

Evangelisch-Lutherischen Landeskirche Sachsens

Institut für Kirche und Gesellschaft

Baum e.V.

Zero Emissions Heroes

Europäisches Institut für Energietechnik e.V.

a tip: tap e.V.

Abstimmung 21

Klimaschutz-Initiative Riedberg

Hamburger Klimawoche

JARO Institut for Sustainability and Digitalization e.V.

Daniel Schlegel Environmental Foundation

Employees for Future

Psychologists 4 Future

NABU Gruppe Backnang

ADFC Backnang

Forum Eine Welt e.V. Backnang

Weltladen Backnang

Solarverein Rems-Murr

Klimaentscheid Backnang

Gartenstadt Haan


International Federation for the Economy for the Common Good e.V.

Arbeitskreis Klimaschutz Renningen

Health for Future Düsseldorf

NABU Renningen-Malsmheim


University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart

Stadtwerke Stuttgart GmbH

Würzburg City

Aktionsteam "FahrRad!"

Verkehrsclub Deutschland e.V. (VCD)

AGUS Markgräflerland e. V. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Umweltschutz

Augsburg City

Ausbau-Initiative Solarmetropole Ruhr

University of Stuttgart

Zentrum Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung
der Evangelischen Kirche in Hessen und Nassau

Radentscheid Mönchengladbach

ADFC Regionalverband Dessau

Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD) Landesverband Baden-Württemberg e.V.