The Climate Bet becomes a game!

The climate bet becomes a game! The CO2 Battle challenges you. Who will win the most allies for the Climate Bet? Who will save the most tons of CO2? And who will travel with us to Glagow if we win the bet?

The entire Climate Bet team has been looking forward to this day for a long time - the Climate Bet, a sportive bet for better climate action, is finally becoming a game. We can challenge ourselves to win new allies or bet against others and create exciting wagers.

You've always wanted your friend to finally go cycling for a month? Or that your parents would like to try a vegan lifestyle? Then challenge them and make your own creative bets. The basic idea of the battle is, of course, to find the most allies for the climate bet and thus save the most tonnes of CO2.

To do this, you can also set a specific time period in which you want the bet to take place. Or you can be a marathon runner and say you will try to make it to the UN Climate Conference and, with a bit of luck, get the chance to accompany us to the UN Conference in Glasgow as Climate King or Queen!

Of course, you can also participate as a team. Maybe you belong to a club or have a cool clique? There are only a few months left until the World Climate Conference in Glasgow. So now is the moment to decide, will you take on the CO2 Battle? Will you support us in our mission to prevent the demonic domination of CO2 over our destiny? 

You can find more information how to take part on the CO2 Battle page.

Do you have any ideas who should definitely compete in a CO2 battle? Think big! Which celebrity, which politician is interesting for you? Then write to us at

We look forward to seeing you again in our game gallery!

Top, the bet is on!