The Climate Bet launches the world's longest chain letter!

We have big plans - because it is too late for taking small actions when it comes to climate protection. We are very happy that you are with us on our journey to Glasgow. Today, we would like to launch the most effective and most widely shared climate protection chain letter with the Climate Bet! To help with this, we have translated the Climate Bet website into English. With your assistance we can make it happen! Send the climate chain letter with a personal greeting to at least 2 of your friends – whether they are in Germany or anywhere else in the world.

If everyone gets two friends to join in, who in turn get two friends to join in, and so on, we can reach our goal of million participants in 20 rounds. Climate action can be better - Let's do it!

Thank you and best wishes!
Andrea, Michael and the entire Climate Bet team

P.S.: Snowball effect and chain letters can be very effective and efficient. But they can also be used for a lot of mischief. We are aware of this and have therefore designed the climate protection chain letter in such a way that the seriousness of the campaign remains clear. Nevertheless, we ask you to send this chain letter only to individual addresses known to you and not via (anonymous) e-mail distribution lists. 


********  Forward from here **************

Subject: The Climate Bet: the most effective climate action chain letter – with your help!

Dear (name),

there are tons of CO2 saved in this e-mail. You don’t believe us?

Every name at the bottom of the list represents at least one ton of CO2 saved. Be the next one and help us make this e-mail become:

  • The world's most effective climate action chain letter

  • An international signal for climate justice and solidarity

  • A clear political signal for the next World Climate Conference on the 01st November 2021 in Glasgow: Climate protection needs more commitment and we are part of it!

Time is running out for climate protection and that’s why we need your help:


  1. Donate for avoiding one ton of CO2: At you can choose one of 6 non-profit climate protection projects with both high social and ecological standards and thereby place one more climate pin on the world map. Thanks to our safe and fast payment procedure via credit card or Paypal you are done with your donation of € 25 per ton in just a few minutes.

  2.  Make sure you enter your first name at the top of the list at the bottom of this mail. This will allow us to verify the length of the chain letter by matching it with the donations.

  3. Send this e-mail to at least 2 other friends and motivate them to participate. Please send the e-mail only to single addresses not to e-mail lists. If every single one of you gets two friends to join in, who in turn get two friends each ... then we can reach the goal of million participants in just 20 rounds. We can improve climate action – let’s do it!

Find more information at the bottom of the e-mail or at

Best regards from the climate bet team in Germany

Andrea & Michael

P.S.: Don't let the climate action chain break!

P.P.S.: Please make sure you delete the e-mail address of the participating persons before forwarding.

The Climate Bet - Background information

Time is short when it comes to climate protection. On November 1st 2021, at the World Climate Conference in Glasgow, the climate protection targets of the countries must be significantly improved for the 1.5 degree target to be achieved. That's why we're already getting ahead of the politicians and raising the stakes:

The Climate Bet wants to win at least 1 million people who each prevent 1 million ton of CO2 by the time of the Climate Change Conference in Glasgow on 1 November 2021. These saved tons will be handed over to the negotiating countries in Glasgow in a public-spirited manner to make clear: Politics have to do much more to achieve the 1.5-degree pathway!

The climate bet was launched by the association 3 fürs Klima in Germany. The patron is the President of the German Environment Agency, Prof. Dirk Messner. Supporting organisations can be found at

All climate protection projects are run by non-profit offsetting service providers, each with high ecological and social quality standards.

The original text of the climate bet can be found at: or as pdf here.

We are happy to receive any question about the climate bet at: