Surprise others with a ton! As an individual gift or for a group

A birthday is coming up? You want to give someone a great present, but don't really know which one? Give away a ton of CO2 avoided and set a sign for better climate action. Whether it's a birthday, Valentine's Day or which other day you would like to celebrate - we offer you a sustainable gift that will really impress the person or group you're giving it to!

Make a donation in the name of an other person or group*, place the appropriate climate pin and print out the certificate so you can hand it over nicely wrapped! This not only supports climate protection projects with social added value, but also makes the participation of the person or group in the climate bet visible. Together we can win the bet and demand more effective climate action in Glasgow! 

*Please note the information at the end of the article.

Participation step-by-step 
In the following step-by-step instructions, we show you how to avoid the ton(s) of CO₂ and how to make the corresponding climate pin visible.

Print out the donation certificate 

Don't forget to print out the certificate!

With this certificate you can hand over your saved tonne(s) of CO₂ to the appropriate person. It's great that you are actively supporting better climate action! 


Information on donating in the name of an other person or group

  • You can donate several times with one e-mail address. From the second time onwards, you can only do this by logging into the profile area and clicking on "donate again".

  • However, the display on the map is then also linked to your first pin: This means that you will have two pins on the card that are linked to each other and cannot be separated or designed differently. 

Current possibility for a gift pin 

Do you have another e-mail address? Then feel free to use it. You can still enter your address as location for the pin. Only the e-mail address must be unique. Then you can also design the pin individually and move it on the map.

If you have any problems, you can contact us by email at any time.