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Can protest for better climate protection be combined with the actual reduction of CO2? We believe so and that’s why we bring the voices of 1 million people and their 1 million tons of saved CO2 to the next World Climate Conference in Glasgow! Together, we can still reach the 1.5 degree goal, don’t you think so? Let’s do it!

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Walk the talk

When it comes to fighting climate change, time is running out. We have only a few months left until the next Climate Conference in Glasgow. It is our last chance to steer the world onto the 1.5 degree path and thus contain the climate crisis. Germany, for instance, will have used up its globally acceptable CO2 budget as early as 2024 if no further measures are taken. However, instead of acting now, we only tend to talk about distant objectives: 2030, 2040, 2050.

We have to develop climate protection measures now that make us reach the Paris agreement tomorrow. With this climate bet, we bring this message loudly and credibly to Glasgow!

Note: The numbers on the map do not include the group participants and those who did not place a pin.

The Climate Bet

We bet that, by the World Climate Conference in Glasgow, at least 1 million people will have participated in this project. We believe that there are at least 1 million people out there in the world who, like us, do not only demand global responsibility for improved climate protection but are also willing to act themselves.

Are you in?

  • Then symbolically place your "climate pin" on the map of the climate bet thereby donating to save at least 1 ton of CO2*. The donation will then be transferred to the global climate protection projects of your choice.
  • Your personal behaviour makes a difference: Get inspired by our CO2 quick tips and climate challenges.

* One ton of CO2 roughly corresponds to the emissions of a 5,000 km car journey. The average German citizen, for instance, emits 11 tons of CO2 emissions per year.



Take part in the CLIMATE BET and save the next ton of carbon emissions with your donation!

  • 1 ton CO2
    = 25 Euros
  • 2 tons CO2
    = 50 Euros
  • 3 tons CO2
    = 75 Euros
  • 1 t
  • 2 t
  • 3 t

1 ton of CO2 - is that enough?

Is a donation to save one ton of CO2 already enough? No, of course it is not but that’s exactly what this is all about. We have to do what is possible today to achieve the seemingly impossible tomorrow, namely to stop the temperature increase at 1.5 degrees Celsius. Together, we can do more than just protesting on the streets. We can already save the next ton of CO2 in our own everyday lives, thereby making climate activism for consistent climate protection policies and for a successful climate conference in Glasgow more effective.

With your help, we also contribute to more climate justice. Your donation supports people who are disproportionally suffering from the climate crisis, from droughts, and poverty. Your contribution helps to improve their social situation and to protect the climate at the same time. Make sure you check out our encouraging projects!

Spread the word

1 million participants are needed for the climate bet to be successful. We know this is a lot but we are convinced that two things will make this goal possible: your help and the snowball effect. On September 20 2019, over 1 million people demonstrated for better climate action only in Germany. Spread the word by telling your friends about the importance of the next climate conference and motivating them to take part in the climate bet as well.

We can reach 1 million people in just 20 weeks if you convince two friends within a week who themselves convince two more…

Let’s do it!

Backed by our patron

"We need such initiatives. Initiatives that encourage us and make us act. After all, we all need to do more to protect the climate: The international community, Germany, as well as companies and citizens.”

(Prof. Dirk Messner, Federal Environment Agency)


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